Saturday, 29 August 2015

How Clearly the Dying See

It is coming up to the fourth anniversary of the day

my father died.

His last few days were full of visions and visits from

people I couldn't see.

One afternoon a fist punched its way through the 

ceiling of the room.

He wasn't surprised or even concerned that I 

couldn't see it.

But the symbolism of an open portal between this 

world and the next has been with me ever since. 



  1. So profound, Francie. The dying see all kinds of interesting things. Beautiful piece of art.

  2. "The Open Portal" -- love that expression! I'm sure your Dad is much on your mind these days. Anniversary dates have that effect, don't they? 2015 marks 10 years since my own father died and I've been thinking a lot about him all year long.

  3. What a powerful image, Francie, and so hopeful!