Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Dart Players

Do you see the female figure between the two men?

I didn't plan it but I was interested to see She was there.

The Mother seems to be everywhere.

Even church - although that is the last place I 
thought I would find Her.

Part of a particularly lovely contemporary 
Anglican hymn:

She Flies On

Refrain: She comes sailing on the wind
Her wings flashing in the sun
on a journey just begun, She flies on.
And in the passage of Her light
Her song rings out through the night;
full of laughter, full of light, She flies on ...

Desert turned to gardens ...
and down through the ages she flew on ...


Long after the deep darkness
that fell upon the word,
after dawn returned in flame of rising sun,
the Spirit touched the earth again,
again Her wings unfurled,
bringing life in wind and fire as She flew on.  



  1. I see the female figure now that you point her out. And what a lovely hymn! Oh, those surprising Anglicans.

  2. What a great hymn! Indeed very (fabulously!) contemporary.