Thursday, 20 August 2015

I Once Was Blind

I'm reading Anton Ehrenzweig's "The Hidden Order 

of Art".

It is a hard go for a non-intellectual, but on the 

occasion that I do actually get something, it really 

rocks my world.

He has made me decide to explore the world of the 

abstract for awhile.

But it isn't easy to move into abstract and still say 


Ehrenzweig speaks about how frightening it 

is for blind people who are suddenly given sight. 

How they must be guided to take in the 'whole of a 

thing' and not the details if they are ever going to 

learn to see with their eyes.

I've been trying to imagine how it would be to 

suddenly be presented with sight - how would I even 

start to make sense of what was happening??

"White Dog on Pink Bed" is the first effort.

It is a charming little picture but not even close to 

where I want to go with this.

If the Devil is in the details, then God must be in the 

whole - and seeing the whole of anything is far  

harder than I ever imagined - it involves so much 

more than just using our eyes.  Something all 

successful abstract artists must know I suppose.


  1. My Rare One finds it hard to paint an abstract too. She prefers realism. In all things, actually, LOL!

  2. This is quite an adventure, Francie! But I have a feeling you will do great with it. I'm looking forward to everything you will share!