Monday, 29 May 2017

Ascending into Disbelief

The Fool
oil pastels on canvas
24" x 24"

So He's gone.

Ascended right up to Heaven!

If the disciples were standing around thinking, "WTF"
I wouldn't blame them.

The Ascension has never worked for me either.

But what do you do with a being who is completely human AND completely divine after he has died and been resurrected? If he stays on earth either the Romans will keep crucifying him (tiresome) or his human body will age and he will die a second time (bummer for the new religion either way).

So He had to go somewhere.

But the image of heaven as a place in the sky doesn't work in the 21st century

and worse there's no archetype in the collective unconscious that that gives the Ascension real numinous-ity (the sense of a divine presence).


If I may borrow from Meatloaf, (or Mr. Loaf, as one CBC reporter called him):


I would believe anything but I won't believe that.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Ascending to the Mather

Ascension Day is coming up.

"This is "the good stuff" according to the new High Priestess at the Anglican church I have taken refuge in until the RC church comes to its senses.

Now I know I have blathered on in the past about deciding to give Yahweh His due when I am in His church but this is the new me speaking, the post breast cancer me,

the totally, nothing to lose, HONEST me. 

And the truth is

the patriarchal church still pisses me off.

So I have decided, seeing as I suspect God doesn't have a gender anyway and probably has more important things to contemplate than whether I should be struck down by a lightning bolt 
to coin a new inclusive name for our unknowable deity.

And here it is:

The Mather  

(rhymes with father but starts with mother)

I just know you missed me.