Friday, 24 July 2015

Sacred Comedy

That is the blood of the lamb

splattered across my new sparkly 

pineapple t-shirt.


I must have looked like I needed

more help than a simple sip would bring.

Anyway, the picture reminds me of an old 

friend who once told me the nuns at her

school said never to bite into the Host or 

the blood of Jesus would come gushing 

out of her mouth

and from there presumably, if she was lucky enough 

to have one, onto her new sparkly pineapple t-shirt.



  1. Wow, that's quite traumatizing thinking that the blood of Jesus will come gushing out of your mouth if you bite into the host! Thankfully it was different for me at or church when I was a kid. We got a sip of wine and a couple of pieces of bread that we can chew away!

  2. Why does the blood of the lamb look like grape juice?