Friday, 3 July 2015

The Existence of Evil

I don't roll my eyes at the idea of evil entities.

Or the casting out of demons.

Not only do I think that evil exists I believe once the 

door is open evil can attach itself to a person like a 

malignant cancer cell.

The first time I had a drink I was 17. I drank until I 

couldn't stand up. 

In my mid thirties I was a popular, church going 

teacher by day and living a life of alcoholic 

debauchery by night.  I'm skipping a lot here but 

there are no words to describe the ugliness of my 

life at that time so it doesn't matter and I've come 

to terms with it anyway.

After my second blackout I went to the priest.

Vatican II had been blowing fresh air up priestly 

cassocks for awhile, (temporarily as it turned out), 

and he was a good guy.   

That very day, kneeling in church begging for help 

from my God, I actually felt my addiction leave me. 

It peeled away from my back like a 'thing'.

I don't mean that I suddenly had strength to take 

myself to AA meetings every night.

I mean it was gone. 

It would have been silly to go to AA.

I understood then what the casting out of demons 


And I believed.

I rarely have a drink now but I do enjoy a little wine now and then.



  1. That must have been a very difficult time for you, Francie. I'm so happy that you were able to move past this period in your life. I am open to anything. Anything. As far as I'm concerned we know very little about this life and what may be beyond. It's a big mystery and so many things are possible. Do I believe in evil? I certainly do. I've had many experiences in my life since I was a child that have convinced me of it.

  2. All things are possible with the Divine, as they say. It seems you were truly touched and healed.