Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Judging Caitlin

'Judge not lest ye be judged'.

Well right. 

With that thought in mind I have to tell you that I 

have been totally creeped out by the recent photos 

of Caitlin Jenner.

Her idea of what it means to be a sixty-five year old 

woman makes my skin crawl.

I suppose what really worries me is not Ms Jenner 

herself, but the adoration of the camera.

The cries of, "How brave she is!"

But getting old requires bravery.

And evidently being able to see 

the colour of the soul 

under the story written on a sixty-five year old face 

is a skill the very rich have been denied.



  1. Welcome back, Francie! I missed you! Love the name of your new blog!

    I agree that we all have a very distorted and fear-ridden view of aging in our society. But remember that poor Caitlyn has been mixed up with the Kardashians for years and years. It would be surprising if she were NOT caught up in this superficial viewpoint.

  2. I'm so happy to see you posting again. And like Debra, I love the name of your new blog. I hadn't realized that you'd started a new one. Will catch up when I get back later today. On my way out...