Thursday, 25 June 2015

Farewell to a Priestess

In this image a woman is forcing the cranky travelers in the second boat forward 
with the power of her mind.

It seems my guess that the church would leave me 

this time around before I left it was true

Last Sunday our Priestess announced that she is 


The sorrow was profound. And I, who 

have been there for such a short time, was sad.

In fourteen years she has taken a moribund church, 

(many parishioners kicking and screaming), into a 

new era of drums and social justice.  

And now she is tired.  

The picture I did last Christmas called "By the Power 

of My will" seems to illustrate what she did perfectly.

Some women are born leaders.

More thoughts on this turn of events later.



  1. Oh, that's sad news. I'm sure there will be a transitional period though. It usually takes a while to find a new minister. And the new minister might be even more fab than this one -- who knows?

    Also, love your phrase "drums and social justice"!

  2. She calls herself a priest, Debra. I just can't bring myself to use the masculine term. She isn't a minister, that much is clear during the Eucharist. Priestess seems the only alternative. Maybe time for a new term.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that, Francie. It's sad when someone inspirational like that retires. I hope whoever replaces her is just as wonderful.