Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Christians Huntin' Down Them Witches

I have a feeling the church will leave me this time before I leave it.

I had supper with a group of women from my new parish last night.

I overheard an outraged woman tell the people around her that

her neighbour had a Wiccan wedding.

"Oh that isn't Satanism," I piped up, figuring that what she was


Her angry eyes turned to me and she spat, 


I swallowed my moussaka before I replied mildly, (without 

thinking) "And that would be a bad thing??"

And Bob's your uncle, four weeks into it and I have an enemy.

This could be a very short-lived blog, Debra and Martha!!



  1. Well, she certainly had her panties in a bunch, didn't she LOL?

  2. Wow. She's one of those open-minded Christians, isn't she? LOL...