Friday, 18 September 2015

Fearing Islam

'The Dart Game', oil pastels on paper
approx 16" x 18"

At a very deep level I fear Islam because

a) I fear Sharia Law and

b) I fear burquas, niquabs and hijabs because they 

seem to represent Sharia law.

I want that to be perfectly clear because it is true.

But I don't believe the state has the right to tell 

women what they can or can't wear so I accept the 

head coverings.

I also understand that my fear is often driven by 

social media.

And I know that there are many Muslims who have 

worked/are working to free themselves and their 

religion from the misogynistic trappings that it 

somehow developed,

( see )

just the way there are Christians who have 

worked/are working worked to bring equality 

and social justice to Christianity.

Consequently my compassion is stronger than my 


Therefore I believe that Canada should be taking 

immediate steps to help alleviate the refugee crisis 

in Europe.

Not next year, next month or even tomorrow.




  1. I think Canada should step up and take in more refugees right away too. If we didn't have a Conservative government, I'm sure that's what would happen.

    I don't fear Islam. I fear fanaticism, in whatever shape or form it takes. It is the most dangerous mindset on earth. People do unspeakable things when they are fanatics.

  2. "Consequently my compassion is stronger than my fear." What a great line, Francie. And what a great way to be. I don't have a fear of Islam. Like Debra, I also fear fanaticism, which is indeed very dangerous. And mob mentality. That can be quite dangerous, too. As for burquas, niquabs and hijabs, I think women should wear whatever they want as long as the choice is made by them. In a free society, we should have that right. And I'm in full support of bringing in refugees right now.