Monday, 22 February 2016

Down on "Risen"

I went to see 'Risen", directed by Kevin Reynolds

It is the fictional story of the  spiritual resurrection  of Clavius,

a Roman centurion whose soul is fried from the brutality of his 

job.  Pilate gives him the task of finding the body of Jesus before 

the disciples hide it and declare that Christ has risen from 

the dead. 

You know how it goes. 

If you don't,  read Matthew 27 & 28 or Luke 24. 

The movie was mildly entertaining.  The landscape (somewhere in

Spain) was spectacularly barren - meant to look as barren as the 

soul of Clavius I suppose.

The problem is that there are no women in the movie, just a tiny

role  for Mary Magdalene - looking far more  dewy than one might

suppose a hooker of her time and place  would have looked.   

It is 2016.  

That no woman thing looked antiquated.

People hoping to find the Divine Feminine within Christianity 

shouldn't bother spending money or time on this movie.

The rest of you can go for a laugh.



  1. I liked the National Post's review -- said they should have called this movie Judea CSI, lol! After pointing out that Clavius gets all overcome by belief at the end, the reviewer then casually mentions the hilarious scene in the Coen Brothers' current release "Hey Caesar" where the Roman centurian George Clooney pulls all these spectacularly inadequate faces trying to convey awe and reverence at meeting Jesus and failing miserably.

  2. Well this is not good. I expected more from this. I think we'll watch it at home some day...out of curiosity. No point throwing away good money!

  3. Costs an arm & a leg now to go to the movies so that is a good idea.!