Monday, 21 December 2015

The Horrified Christ

Cree girls fishing

Should the Anglican Church be allowed to raise money to bring running water to our indigenous communities that are presently without water or sewage?

I guess that question doesn't matter because they already are according to a blog I read recently.

And it isn't the only church doing so.

Although I agree with the writer/priest that the spirit is moving across the land I'm not sure the churches are listening to Her.

Yes fresh water will bring many health benefits and certainly bring dignity to anyone who aspires to our white level of deodorized and sanitized bodies.

But if Christians insist on patting themselves on the back and thinking running hot and cold water and flush toilets will magically decrease the suicide rate among our aboriginal  sisters and brothers they are


By all means Canada, let's get that water where it should be but please don't let them make it a "Jesus" project.  

Jesus is no doubt horrified and still trying to get over the Residential Schools the churches built in His name.

Truth and Reconciliation should be led by the First Nations people themselves.

For now our job is to follow.


  1. So true, Francie. I think Jesus has been horrified every single moment of every day since he was here.

  2. Martha's right! Two thousand plus years of being horrified.