Saturday, 28 November 2015

Feed the Poor

I was at an Advent Cafe at a church in downtown St. Catharines this week. 

It was great, complete with a barefoot Anglican woman priest celebrating the Eucharist, (I haven't been an Episcopagan long enough to understand the significance of this so don't ask) and lots of
funky music/musicians.

But as it turned out that isn't what I was meant to see.

As I approached the back of the church I saw three men sitting on the ground.  Each man had his arms locked around a large dog as if he was afraid someone would take it away.

A few other  people were milling around. I was mildly puzzled but I went inside and came upon a crowded room filled with laughter and children playing tag.

It didn't look the way I had pictured an Advent Cafe but I shrugged and stepped forward.  I didn't get to go in though,  the person at the door directed me upstairs when he found out why I was there.

As I climbed the stairs I asked a woman what was happening inside the busy room.

"That's the "Out of the Cold" programme she said. Every night a different church hosts it.


Living so far away from downtown I had no idea of the number of hungry adults, children and animals in our cities.

She looked at me and said kindly," They don't all sleep here, some are just here for the meal.

First lesson of Advent.


  1. Which event served the real Eucharist?

  2. That is quite a lesson. I think we're all guilty of this. Whenever I'm downtown, it stuns me how many people are homeless and struggling.